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Production, Branding, Distribution, Licensing, Marketing


Apogee Records seek's to release and support music of all genres that present engaging, challenging and enriching narratives so we can present your music to the world.

Apogee Records is an American independent record label that has emerged as one of the premier independent labels. Apogee believes in building an catalog of albums, music videos, and online content that includes Hip-Hop, EDM, Country, indie rock and everything in between. Apogee has helped launch the careers of new artists and has nurtured the careers of seasoned veterans. At Apogee we continue to focus on top quality music and working with artists whose work ethic, craftsmanship, talent and sounds are superior.


  • PO Box 549
  • Bohemia, NY 11716
  • United States
  • (786) 999-2965
  • Team@ApogeeRecords.com
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